Hoeneß und die Rückgabe des Bayerischen Verdienstordens

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Mit der Rückgabe des Verdienstordens durch seine Frau hat Hoeneß einmal mehr gezeigt, wes Geistes Kind er ist – und dass er nichts, aber auch gar nichts dazugelernt hat.

Die Rückgabe bedeutet doch vor allem eins: seine CSU-Amigos haben ihn nicht vor der Haft bewahrt, und nun gibt er beleidigt und enttäuscht den Orden zurück.

Hoeneß ist nach wie vor seiner alten Denke verhaftet und hat an seiner Einstellung und Wahrnehmung nichts geändert. Er würde mit Sicherheit alles genauso wieder machen, keinerlei echte Reue zu konstatieren.

Was das alles für den FC Bayern bedeutet, wenn er ab Januar wieder an der Säbener Straße agieren wird sei dahingestellt – vermutlich wird es intern gelinde gesagt turbulent werden.

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First-time Kindle User Embraces Change

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I love real books. In my 20s I started to collect contemporary signed first editions and early editions of classics. Books are to graphic designers as buildings are to architects. They are among the few projects a designer can create that has a good chance of outliving them.

The tactile nature of a real book—the paper, the smell, and the graphic design—dust jackets, fonts, format, margins, page numbering system—all contribute to why real books rock!

At home and work we have tablets and computers that are great for consuming online content, but not great for reading long-narrative content. My iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (starting at $299 via Verizon), have apps that allow me to read books on them and they work pretty well. So while I’ve checked out Kindles belonging to friends and family members, I’ve never seen the value of owning one.

Until now!

kindlefirehd_sq_resized_sm Kindle Fire HD –…

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Inexpensively Add Photos to Your Web Site

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Alki Slide 2

Fall and winter weather has arrived in Seattle, and we’re embracing the change in seasons at Alki Surf Shop. Beach mats, towels and suntan lotion have been replaced by cool weather essentials and great gifts for fun and for the home.

Hand warmers for texting, scarves, hats, umbrellas and gift items that relate to the beach have been added to our inventory.

To showcase new offerings, we needed to create a new Gifts & Accessories section on our web site. But we couldn’t do so until we shot photos and wrote descriptions of our new products.

Light, Focus, Shoot

To expand our web site for next-to-nothing, we have been using the Nokia Lumia Icon, a tripod and device adaptor, plus a shop light and reflectors to shoot photos of our goods.

The product shots are done on the fly. When we have a few moments, we grab an item…

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Why Does the Social Media Junkie Join Empire Avenue? : Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video Challenge Winners

Empire Kred

The Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video contest challenged Empire Avenue players why they play and why they think people should join.

With so many wonderful entries, it was a difficult decision to pick the winners, but the winners are in!

We’ve announced the category and People’s Choice winners and now its time to announce the People’s Choice Winner!!

The People’s Choice winner is Jeffrey Scheck.


He created a video asking the question of “Why does the social media junkie join Empire Avenue?”



Jeffrey will receive 10 million eaves for winning the category!


Thank you to all the contestants who entered the contest. You can view all their videos on Empire Avenue’s YouTube Channel.

Who do YOU know who can benefit from Empire Avenue’s networking and social media connections? Share this blog or Jeffrey’s video with them today!

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The FOUR Biggest Reasons for Failure

Leadership Without Being in Charge

Any of these four will produce failure every time and there is nothing special about the order.

success12# 1) Believe the ‘marketing’ preached by every single program, political party or religion! My favorite one is you have to have first mover advantage, join early, get in at the beginning before the herd and buy into prelaunch tactics forever. The ‘hurry up and wait’ gets very old. Another one is failure is not your fault. That sounds nice but who really is in charge of your life then? As long as you live in hope, you will fail. Hope is NOT a strategy and is never a tactic to acquire or succeed at anything. If you cannot distinguish between marketing, truth and reality, you are doomed. Yes, the truth gives you a small chance to be free. If you say, ‘if it is too good to be true it likely isn’t’, then…

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“What’s The Word On The Street?” Series: Whats Your #1 Mission Tip?

Empire.Kred Wiki

In a new series we’re calling “What’s The Word On The Street“, we pose a question where all the  Empire Avenue players have the opportunity to answer on one our social media accounts and we choose a select predetermined number of answers to be featured in a blog post on the Empire Avenue Wiki!

For the first “Whats The Word On The Street” we asked players what their #1 Empire Avenue mission tip is for other players. After all, they’re a great way to get your content such as a blog post or video discovered by people who love sharing other people’s content! 

Here’s what they said: 

Ron Sidwell — Run missions at night when most active players are free to do missions.

Mary Helen Ferris — support and engage but most of all ENJOY. Interaction takes a second. Lasts a lifetime. 

Barbara Klein — I have made…

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